Monday, January 2, 2017

December 2016

This month was packed full as we got ready to celebrate the birth of our Savior. I wish I had time to record everything but here is a few of my favorites!

                                                                  Matching shirts

 Brotherly Love!

 Could he be any cuter?

 Challenge A class minus Owen (who sneaked out of the pic)

 Parenting at its finest!  In case, I forget this was Jennaleigh's doing!

 These 2 are a pair!

 The older kids performed in our christmas show at church.  It ended up being a very memorable experience.  Unfortunately, not for good reasons. I am glad in the end they had a good time.  Johnna Katherine and Julianna Marie were in the choreography group and also in the nativity.  John Mark sang with Kaleb Moore and the student choir.

 One Sunday was PJ's and pancakes. 

 One of my favorite pics so far of Josiah.
 JoyHannah loves her big sissy!

 Oh how we love Mr Max and Mrs. Deborah!

 Josiah loved the lights.  

 Our CC group sang carols at a local nursing home.

 We didn't have many Christmas decorations this year.  JoyHannah is at the age that she can not resist touching everything.  Luckily, nothing was broken.  The girls had fun hanging the ornaments on the tree with their daddy's help.  

 JoyHannah and Jane Maddy really got this one spot covered!

 A fun field trip with friends to see "A Christmas Carol"

 Our first trolley ride!

 At the time, this seemed like a good idea!

 I would look at lights every night but Josiah Moses is not a fan of the car.  We compromised with a drive thru.  Our first time to Prairie Lights did not disappoint!

 Our Sunday School Christmas Party!

 The month that JoyHannah decided clothes were optional and dress up was a must!

 Johnna Katherine played Mary at sunday school.

 Tackling JohnMark!

 We carried on our tradition of handing out cookies at Mark's hospital!

 We didn't do quite as much baking as usual but everyone helped!

 We had a fun Christmas Eve breakfast with the Pool side of the family.  Each family brought a game for their own family.  Of course, we had to bring "Steady Hands"!
 Josiah gets spoiled by Papa!

 We also played Bean Boozled.

 This year's Christmas card.  (If you didn't get one, its because they came really late and then I let the kids address them and well.... it didn't go exactly as planned!)

 Christmas Eve service with all 7 kids and no help!

 Christmas Morn!

 JohnMark picked out this Captain America doll for Josiah!

 My boys!
 Church on Christmas Morn!

 I love how giving the kids are with each other!

 Julianna Marie and her ballet necklace!
 Johnna Katherine and more bunnies!

Dad playing tennis!

 Exchanging gifts with Mrs. Mallory and Mr. Daniel.

Mr. Daniel finally meets Josiah Moses!

 Packed and headed to Nina and Preacher's!

Nina always does Christmas right!

For Nina's present, we got pictures made.  These were a few I snapped.  Can't wait to see the professionals ones.

We went and saw Sing!

More pictures from Christmas at Nina and Preachers!

 JoyHannah MaryBeth finally got her first pigtails! (at 29 months!)

A big part of our month was spent on the Nutcracker!  Julianna Marie and Johnna Katherine were both in their second nutcracker.  

 Johnna Katherine was a gingerbread.  She rocked this roll.

Julianna Marie was an angel.  She was absolutely stunning!

Josiah Moses kept mom company through all the rehearsals and 3 performances!

And our biggest news this month...

On Christmas Eve, Jennaleigh Monroe prays to receive Christ as her Lord and Savior!  We were sitting in our room after the Christmas Eve service and she came in and told me she wanted to be a Christian.  Mark and I had been praying for her for a long time!  Mark came in the room and we both talked with her.  She then decided to pray the prayer of salvation.  On Christmas day, she went down and made a profession of faith and told the pastor she would like to be baptized.  We are so very proud of her and thankful for her salvation!